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Hotel Santa Caterina | Orta San Giulio (NO)

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Sacro Monte di Orta

The tour winds through art, faith and nature and leads us to discover the Sacro Monte which was dedicated to S. Francesco di Assisi and declared by UNESCO “World Patrimony of the Humanity” in 2003. The life of the saint is shown in 20 chapels:

I – Birth of St. Francis
II – The Crucifix speaks to St. Francis in the church of St Damiano
III – St. Francis renounces his wordly goods
IV – St. Francis listens to the Mass
V – The first followers take the habit
VI – St. Francis sends his first disciples out to preach
VII – Pope Innocenzo III gives his approval to the order
VIII – St. Francis is seen by the friars on a chariot of fire
IX – St. Clare takes the veil
X – St. Francis’ victory over temptation

XI – Francis receives from Jesus the privilege of indulgence of the Porziuncola
XII – Christ approves the Franciscan order
XIII – St. Francis is led naked through the streets of Assisi
XIV – St. Francis before the sultan of Egypt
XV – St. Francis receives the stigmata On Monte Verna
XVI – St. Francis returns to Assisi
XVII – The death of St. Francis
XVIII – A bishop at the Saint’s tomb
XIX – The miracles On the Saint’s tomb
XX – The canonisation of St. Francis

Grand Tour of Orta Lake

The Grand Tour of Lake Orta unfolds over a route of 115 km and is made up of 5 thematic stages. Each of them has been designed to be covered in a day’s walk, telling the small naturalistic, historical and artistic treasures of our lands, between water and mountains, vineyards, woods, streams and villages positioned around the the most romantic lake in Italy.

Gran Tour del lago d'Orta
Monte Falò o le tre montagnette

Coiromonte - Monte Falò

With only 270 vertical meters we reach the top of the Monte Falò (1080m) locally known as Le Tre Montagnette, that is, three very panoramic peaks in a row from where you can enjoy a wide view of the lakes Maggiore and Orta. The first section of the path goes through a deciduous wood; then, at the and of the wood, it continues towards an immense see of ferns till the top. On our way back we will stop have at the Lavarini farm in Coiromonte and have a taste of local salami and cheese. In the afternoon the excursion goes downhill through beautiful beech woods and small streams until we reach the village of Armeno in 1 hour and a half walk. Here a bus will take us back to Orta.


Born from the collaboration between the Ecomuseum of Lake Orta and Mottarone and the Municipalities of the Convention of Lake Orta in 2006, it aims to propose a whole of routes around Lake Orta that can be traveled both on foot and by mountain bike - in any season of the year - preferring paths , woods and significant places. The tour of the lake, called Anello Azzurro, is about 40 km long and consists of three stages: First stage, from Legro to Omegna, 13,5 km - Second stage, from Omegna to Pella, 11,7 km - Third stage, from Pella to Legro, 14,3 km.

Download the pdf to discover all the routes!

Girolago del Lago d'Orta
Escursioni in canoa sul lago d'Orta

Canoe excursions

Lake Orta, with its calm and clear waters, is the ideal place for canoe excursions.
Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can rely on the qualified and competent team of Canoe Lago d’Orta to get to know a wonderful glimpse of the area from another perspective. You can rent single or multiple anti-tip kayaks, ecological, made with cutting-edge technology, with recyclable and eco-sustainable material, stand up paddle, waterbikes and pedal boats.

Adventure Park

The "Le Pigne" Adventure Park, close to Lake Orta, is set in a beautiful forest of chestnut, oak and fir trees. Fun guaranteed and suggestive panoramas even in winter because the "Le Pigne” adventure park is open all year round thanks to a particularly favorable micro climate.

Adventure Park Le Pigne
Escursioni in e-bike sul Monte Barro

E-Bike excursions

In addition to excursions on the shores of Lake Orta, it will be possible to rent e-bikes near the Hotel Santa Caterina to discover the beauties of the area in a totally eco-sustainable way.
With the help of the experts you can choose the routes that best suit your tastes, with perfect itineraries for beginners, amateurs and professionals.

Excursions on the lake

You don’t want to work hard but you don’t want to give up the beauty of a trip on the waters of Lake Orta either? From the main square of Orta it will be possible to take advantage of the navigation service to reach San Giulio Island, a real jewel set among the blue waters of Cusio.
On the island - also made famous by the stories of Gianni Rodari - you can visit the Basilica, get lost in the silent streets of the village and observe from outside the famous Benedictine monastery "Mater Ecclesiae". From there, you can also continue your trip to Pella and the western shore of the lake.
An unforgettable experience!

Download the timetable of Navigazione Lago D’Orta

Download the timetable of Navigazione Servizio Pubblico

Gite sul lago d'Orta
Escursioni in e-bike sul Monte Barro

Horse riding

Another activity that you can practice during your stay at the Hotel Santa Caterina in Orta San Giulio is horse riding.
Less than half an hour away, the Le Fontanelle equestrian association of Massino Visconti, in the province of Novara, organizes excursions in a varied landscape context full of beautiful paths that can be explored on horseback.
Granfondo del Mottarone, road of the Benedictines, the road of coal are some of the destinations proposed by the Novara Association.
All you have to do is book your trip and observe the magnificent places that surround us from a different perspective!

Lido di Buccione - Pella

Pleasant walk on the west side of the Orta lake through cane thickets, hidden shores and charming views of the island of San Giulio. The trail is not difficult being almost totally flat; if you wish to have a refreshing swimm in the clear waters of the lake don’t forget your swimsuit!

After a stop for a sandwich in a kiosk on the beach we will reach Pella and return to Orta by boat in almost 20 minutes.

Lungolago di Pella
Giardino Lorella a Vacciago

Casa Lorella

On the eastern side of the lake, in Vacciaghetto di Ameno, lies Casa Lorella, a historic residence dating back to the early 1600s, owned by the Lorella family.
The property is enveloped by Giardino Lorella, a sprawling 5-acre park that has been meticulously tended to over the years.
The garden boasts an array of impressive trees, including a chestnut tree over 600 years old, an English oak, deodara cedars, ancient rhododendrons, and various other species. The garden’s Japanese maple trees and oaks offer ever-changing displays of foliage, providing visitors with a unique sensory experience, complemented by vibrant colors, fragrances, and stunning views of Lake Orta, San Giulio island, and Mount Rosa.

Tourist train

One of the peculiar characteristics of the village of Orta San Giulio is the fact that the entire historic center is closed to the circulation of motor vehicles.

But those who want to visit the pearl of the lake without too much effort can count on the little train tourist route which, starting from the hamlet of Legro, climbs up to the Sacro Monte and then descends to Piazza Motta.

Download the pdf to discover all the routes!

Trenino turistico di Orta San Giulio